Open Ocean Exchange

Meet OOX.

Founded on a vision for a transparent, and secure future for seafood trade.

OOX emerged from a shared frustration with the way that seafood has been traded. In our industry, the absence of data, caused by the reliance on email and social media for trading, made the process exceedingly challenging. We knew the solution was digital.

From the outset, we did not want OOX to “disrupt” the seafood trade. Instead, we wanted to use modern technology to assist buyers, sellers and agents complement how we currently trade. We had seen similar technology solutions successfully applied to other agricultural commodities.

OOX partnered with the London Fish Exchange, who have extensive experience building and operating financial market exchanges throughout Europe. OOX reflects a multi-million-dollar investment in a seafood trading exchange that suits the nuances of the live seafood industry.

OOX vision is to become the primary method of trading seafood to China and Greater Asia region. We believe a trusted and independent platform will be good for the seafood industry and ease the frustration – making it easier for everyone involved in the trade.

We look forward to welcoming you as members of OOX.

David Durack & Nathan Maxwell McGInn

Management Team

David Durack

Co-Founder and Managing Director

David is passionate about the seafood industry and the characters you meet, but constantly amazed at how seafood is traded. He is convinced a digital solution will create a more efficient and accessible market for everyone and is keen to play a part in the evolution of the industry. 

Nathan Maxwell McGinn

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Nathan is a “crusty” seafood trader who has been selling seafood into Asia for more than 20 years. He has watched the industry develop from landlines and fax machines to trading over social media and was convinced there was a better way. OOX reflects his knowledge of how the seafood trade operates

John Ersser

Co-Founder - London Fish Exchange

Background in banking, stock broking, fund management and financial data businesses. His previous roles include Chief Operating Officer of CMC Markets, which was one of the largest retail derivative trading groups worldwide and Managing Director of ADP-CTIS which specialized in price and trade routing in financial markets.

Tommy Petterson

Co-Founder - London Fish Exchange

Background in financial market exchanges. His previous roles include Chief Executive Officer of Computershare Ltd, at the time the leading provider of integrated exchange trading systems; CEO of Interbizz Ltd, the first provider if real-time internet based financial trading systems; and advisors to the CIO and members of the Executive Committee of the London Stock Exchange.

The OOX team combines decades of seafood trading expertise. Our goal is to make life as a seafood buyer, seller and trader easier.

Our technology Partners

OOX technology has been developed in partnership with the London Fish Exchange. It has been engineered to be robust and secure. The London Fish exchange build and operate financial market exchanges throughout Europe.