Open Ocean Exchange

Our Guarantee.

OOX ensures an efficient and accessible market for trading seafood.

OOX operates an independent and secure seafood exchange that enables buyers, sellers and agents to have a better trading experience.

OOX independence is critical to ensure the market operates efficiently, impartially, and transparently and allow our members to confidently trade seafood.

The exchange ensures a robust digital trail of all communication and history attached to each trade, while giving members real-time data to ensure seafood trades at its market value. 

OOX have partnered with the London Fish Exchange, who have extensive experience in building and running complex market exchanges in many of the world’s major financial centres. This experience underpins OOX operations.

Our Guarantee


Independent: OOX is not a buyer, seller or agent of seafood. 

Impartial: Ensures a level playing field for both buyers and sellers.

Transparent: every member has the same access to data. OOX will be completely transparent at every level of our operations.

Governance: Independent audit committee to guarantee independence. Results will be published and made accessible.


You are in control: you decide who you engage with and who you make or accept offers from.

Private conversations: All your conversations are secure and private.

Private transactions: No one can see who you have traded with.

Private Price: no member can see prices offered or traded. Price can only be seen between the buyer and seller for each trade.

Private trading data: No one can view your company trading data.


Privacy Standard: OOX are bound by the terms of the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Vetted Users: OOX review every member to ensure only real buyers and sellers are on the platform. 

Vetted Behaviour: OOX will moderate behaviour on the platform. Members who do not abide by the rules will have their access revoked.


Founded on a vision for a transparent, and secure future for seafood trade

Understanding the 24/7 nature of seafood trading, our goal is to make life as a seafood buyer, seller and trader easier.

We’re not reinventing the wheel; we’re adapting to the present time and forging a resilient future for seafood trade.